Strategy to Extract Current Affairs from Newspaper for PCS Exam

PCS exam strategy

Newspaper reading is an art. For competitive exams you require a very different approach to study the newspaper. When it comes to reading the newspaper everyday our focus area is different and when primarily for various Entrance Examinations, it is an entirely different ball game. To clear any of the competitive exam you need tips to score well where newspaper reading is must as it is major component of current affairs. To clear the PCS exam the candidate should read newspaper regularly to get updated with the latest news and happening of country. As it is a state level exam so major portion of questions will be covered from these topics. The candidates should pay attention in enhancing their general knowledge.

Next question that comes to the mind of a candidate appearing for PCS exam is ! How to read the newspaper for exam and taking out the information that can help me.

This article will help you know the strategy that is to be followed to prepare for competitive exams.

  1. Active Reading: Passive newspaper reading is mare waste of time. Active reading of newspaper will bring the fruit. Active reading means spending time to ponder upon the issues being covered, regarding its background and future implications and then came out with your own opinion to the matter.
  2. Spent an hour daily: Spare one hour daily and read the important content that will help you in competitive exams.  Some of the news items you must read in detail are :-
  • Front Page (Important news of the day)
  • Bilateral news
  • World Economy
  • Environment and Health
  • Science and education
  • Editorial pages etc.
  1. Keep paper and pen ready: While reading newspaper, you should sat on a table with your pen ready and a notebook Mark the difficult words in news. You can also pen down the things you are not able to understand. Try to relate the news with the topics of the current affairs / general studies paper of the competition exam.
  2. Take Notes: You should take notes of major areas like Economy, Budget, Politics, Latest bills passed etc. Important parts from these areas are to be Pen down. For exp. the details of the latest budget, inflation & GDP rate, latest business mergers and acquisitions, new laws, bills and constitutional amendments, upcoming elections and recently launched schemes by the Union Government, conflicts, national elections, etc.
  3. Regular discussions: Have discussion of news you read with your relatives and friends to get the complete details and background of that news. It will help you in enhancing your knowledge and will help you in exams also.

PCS exam have a separate section on General Knowledge, which also includes questions from Current Affairs which includes the knowledge of latest happening around. Information of current affairs has to be taken from the newspaper after reading it carefully.

If you read the newspaper regularly with a methodical approach, the GK section in any exam would become a child’s play for you!

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