Importance of an Institute in Preparation for IAS Exam

Coaching for IAS

IAS exam is one amongst the most toughest exam which requires vast knowledge of subjects. If a candidate aspire to become IAS officer then he should be aware of the few things which are most crucial to be known before preparation for IAS examination.

  1. The Civil Service Examination differs from the university examinations.
  2. The technique of preparation for this need is very different from the regular course preparation.

Coaching Institutes helps the candidate for preparation of IAS exam by assisting them with mentor/coach who will prepare them for cracking IAS exam

Good coaching institutes care for the students not for their money. Good coaching institutes have trained qualified faculties and administrators. Coaching helps in preparation of IAS exam by following ways:

How coaching helps:

  1. Helps to get things easily and in due time: Graduates are not thoroughly known to the pattern and scheme of IAS examination once they dream of it. Coaching institute helps the candidate to get the things done easily and in required time frame. Coaching institute prepares the candidate acc. to his level of understanding and learning.
  1. Awareness about the syllabus pattern: In Coaching institute the preparation is carried out acc. to the syllabus pattern. Every institute has a regular schedule of classes as per the requirement of the content. Candidate finds it very easy to get all the required information related to exam and syllabus at one place.
  1. Updated study material: Coaching institutes helps to provide the study material acc. to the latest pattern of examination. Team of experts and administrators provide the quality material acc. to the scheme of IAS examination. If candidate thinks to prepare this exam on his own they have to explore books from bookshops, online material etc. but by joining coaching institute one get an idea regarding the syllabus books they are to be referred for preparation.
  1. Tips and tricks for cracking exam: Candidate are given certain tips and tricks to solve the questions quickly in the exam. Time management is also taught in the coaching centers which help candidate to know how much time is to be spent on which area.
  1. Practice using previous year question papers: In coaching institute days are divided in such a way that time for preparation and practice is distributed accordingly. Regular mock tests through previous year question papers helps candidate to experience the real feel of the exam.
  1. Guidance by experts: Good coaching institute have the retired IAS officers who act as mentor or guide for the students. They deliver the lecture as to how to crack the exam. Candidate got to know many things under the guidance of IAS experts
  1. Instigate for reading and writing: Coaching institutes have scheme for preparation which includes upgrading of candidate’s reading and writing skills. Candidates are expected to read newspaper daily and discuss it in the class. Article writing is also taught in the coaching classes.
  1. All things at one place: Coaching institutes act as hub of information for preparing for IAS exam. Candidates are being provided with all the reading, writing stuff at one place. Quality study material, sessions by experts, tips and tricks to crack examination, time management using previous year question papers etc.

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