IAS Officer: 2016 Salary, Perks, and Other Facilities

IAS officer salarr 2016Not everybody wishes to work in the private area .There are some people groups who truly need to join Govt. supported organizations for serving numerous of individuals in its country.

In India, Government services Salary is considered as low, numerous splendid candidates overlook government occupations for a low compensation. In any case, when we discuss turning into an IAS it’s not just about compensation, this is not kind of job to be earn crores of rupees but rather it is work of serving our country & its 1,267,401,849+ individuals.

Through this, you can get the all information about the IAS officer Salary.

Terms to Understand:

Pay scale it is not the aggregate compensation, but rather shows the base & greatest essential pay of a representative.

Grade Pay: Employees at government posts that get grade pay, aside from the basic salary.

Structure Salary is consists of pay scales written as below:

  • Junior scale
  • Junior administrative grade
  • Super time scale
  • Senior time scale
  • Selection grade
  • Above Super time scale

Junior Scale:

Grade pay: Rs. 5,400

Pay scale: Rs.15, 600-39,100

Post: SDO, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), or Sub-Collector.

Years of service: 4 years (approximately)

Senior Time Scale:

Grade pay: Rs. 6,600

Pay scale: Rs.15, 600-39,100

Post: Collector or DM (District Magistrate) or Government ministry Joint Secretary.

Years of service: 5 years (approximately)

Junior Administrative Grade:

Grade pay: Rs. 7,600

Pay scale: Rs.15, 600-39,100

Post: special secretary & various Government Department’s Head.

Years of service: 9 years (approximately)

Selection Grade:

Grade pay: Rs. 8,700

Pay scale: Rs.37, 400-67,000

Post: Ministry Secretory.

Years of service: 12 to 15 years (approximately)

Super Time Scale:

Grade pay: Rs. 8,700

Pay scale: Rs.37, 400-67,000

Post: Government Department of Principal Secretary

Years of service: 17 to 20 years (approximately)

Above Super Time Scale:

Grade pay: Rs. 12,000

Pay scale: Rs.37, 400-67,000

Very Rare & Bright People are chosen for the packages of salary.

Highest Salary of basic is 80,000 for an Officer of IAS.

Other Perks and Facilities of an IAS officer:

  • At minimum Rates, They have influential Accommodation.
  • They also have Security Guards & Household Help.
  • Official Vehicles are provided to them.
  • Free Electricity is provided to them.
  • Free call Facility is available.
  • IAS officer’s Job Security is of High level.
  • Lifetime Pension & retirement Benefits
  • All Perks provided to officers of PSU.

This article will help you to know about facilities given to IAS officers. Hope this article will motivate you to become an IAS officer. Good Luck for your Future!!!!!!!!!

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