How to Face UPSC interview

UPSC Interview
The marks in the interview has a great bearing on your selection/elimination. UPSC interview  is the second stage in all civil service examination. Candidate who have cleared the first stage, are eligible to be appeared in final interview. The interview score can push you up and pull you down if it is not prepared in the systematic way. So every candidate should focus on preparing for the interview. Candidate is expected to make Continuity of preparation till the interview date is expected. UPSC Interview includes personality test which will be conducted by a SSB (Service selection Board). Candidate will be asked questions on matters of general interest. If candidate is Preparing for IAS exam then last stage is SSB interview.

Objective of UPSC interview

The main objective of the interview is:

  • To assess the personal aptness of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board
  • The personality test is intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate. The board will assess the intellectual and social traits of the candidate through this test
  • Other qualities accessed In interview are: mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposure, balance of judgment, leadership and social ability, intellectual and moral integrity.

As per the objective of the interview candidate is expected to prepare for the interview.

Qualities to be tested in the interview

To face UPSC interview following qualities are expected to be there in the candidate:

  1. Clarity of expression
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Grasping power
  4. Logical Reasoning ability
  5. Apprehension of different points of view
  6. Knowledge about socio-economic problems
  7. Moral Integrity
  8. Awareness of the current affairs

Preparation using 3P Model for best performance at time of interview

The key for preparation in interview is by following the 3P model which is

Planning is the first step for preparation for UPSC interview. Candidate need to prepare the full fledge plan for preparation for interview. Planning includes time require to be spent on actitvies like reading newspaper, daily practice etc.

Preparation involves the process of preparing the interview which includes Self description, Personal SWOT analysis, basic qualities and traits of an individual. Play the game of UPSC interview i.e. Role play

Performance involves the final step i.e. the outcome of above two steps. If first two steps are well executed last step will automatically bring fruit.

Basic skills to face the UPSC interview

  1. Presence of mind, confidence and mental composer.
  2. Clarity of thoughts and expression.
  1. Skill to describe Self SWOT analysis
  2. Intellectual and moral integrity: A synthesis of morality and intellect.
  3. Empathy to social problems and weaker sections.
  4. Knowledge about the current happening of the world
  5. Critical thinking regarding modern concepts and thoughts


Some useful tips for a successful personality test are:

  • Positive body language
  • Good personal appearance and the right posture
  • Answer questions clearly and confidently
  • Remain calm and composed even when faced with provocative questions
  • Answer to the point
  • Don’t use the words As you know, of course, certainly etc.
  • Do not use technical jargons
  • Make a smile on the face
  • Read more on preparing personality test here

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