How Should I Prepare for UPSC Personality Test 2016

IAS Personality Test interview 2016

IAS Result is out, & the procedure of the final stage or Interview of civil services examination would begin soon. The applicants, who have clear all requirements for Personality Test, need to set themselves up for this stage precisely. Despite the fact that the weightage of the identity test is nearly less (with aggregate signs of 275), yet its part in choosing the last result can be enormous. Hopefuls can secure as high as 70-75% of the aggregate characteristics of interview. This can fundamentally help one’s last remaining in the legitimacy list.

Hence, it would be a big mistake if you take this interview lightly. Likewise, it may be the most imperative interview, of a candidate’s life.

With the help of entire applicants who have cleared the personality test, here presents Interview process overview and strong system to do great.

To help all the hopefuls who have fit the bill for the identity test , IASEXAMPORTAL presents a review of the meeting procedure, and strong system to do great.

UPSC/ IAS Personality Test preparation 2016

The above diagram demonstrates the extent of Interview in the total score of the competitor. In the event that you see carefully, a great execution in Mains exam is the one that can secure 50% (as per the Mains exam analysis). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you examine the current scores of the applicants in Personality Test, you would watch that, it is anything but not difficult to score as high as 70-80% in Interview. This sort of execution can give a fillip to your total score in the last legitimacy list. In this manner, you should concentrate on performing great in the interview. Since you have done your “karma” in the Mains, right now is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your metal in interview.

Know Yourself Completely:

The Personality test is not intended to test your ability on scholarly issues. You have effectively demonstrated your competency in the scholarly field, in Mains exam. Therefore, the reason for interview stage is to assess you, as a man, and to test you are suitable as the Civil Servant.

Consequently, don’t endeavor a profound examination into the customary writings that you took after for Mains exam. Rather, what is of incredible worth, from interview perspective, is to think about every piece of word, that you have put in the Detailed Application Form.

Interviewers come to know about you from the DAF form which is submitted by yourself. Along these lines, you are familiar to know, in completed detail, about the different conditions of yourself.

For the most part, the Interviewers is extremely willing to help, & does not attempt to make you feel uncomfortable. The interview mainly begins with a formal introduction of the questioners & the applicant, and goes into discus about personal details of the competitor. In this connection, it is critical to think about your socio-social foundation, your local town, family foundation & possible thing about yourself. Consequently, in coming days, you ought to attempt to know everything about yourself & the world that has a place with you.


Interviewers are highly qualified officers with different life style. Therefore, don’t try to befool them. If you trying to act over smart then that will be backfiring to you.  If you are not known any answer then simply give them a reply “sorry, I am not aware of this question”. This will be the best thing.

Be confident:

Frequent fumbling, stammering and lack of confidence give wrong impressions to the interview panel. So be confident and should practice for your speaking skills. You should join mock interview to shape yourself and prepare for interview.

You should not be look tense and depressed due to interview. Keep smiling that will give a best impression on them and also give a +ve vibes.

Be optimistic:

Negativity in excess won’t be useful. Your answer ought to mirror your capacity to examine & resolve the issues of organization.

In particular, keep yourself formed and quiet at all times. Getting over-energized may mirror an immature behavior. Along these lines, make your feelings and emotions, and act unassumingly.

IAS meeting is not a round of inquiry answers; nor is it like the ones appeared on TV programs, similar to roadies. The interviewers are exceedingly qualified and humble in their methodology. In this way, you should experience their desires. The Interview procedure is planned as a benevolent discussion and sound exchange.

All the best for your future.

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