Which One is Better, IAS or IFS?

Both IAS( Indian Administrative service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Service) have the highest status and prestige amongst all the other civil service examination. Each of these services are the best in their respective fields. These together needs to be in our country to make our country efficient and developed. Without these services things will not be as they are now. Both career options are related to serving the nation centrally or globally.  To choose a career option from these two its all depends on individual perspective attitude and interest. If one loves to be an IAS then for him IAS as better option than any other. For both candidate need to crack civil service examination. Out of topper’s list candidate got eligible for IFS. Topper Candidates are given the option to go for IAS and IFS. Based on their interest they can choose amongst the two.

If we compare these two on numbers then it can be concluded that around 4 lakh candidates apply for Civil Service Examination out of which only 1000 candidates got eligible for IAS,IFS,IRS and for other agencies. From 1000, only 1 or 2% candidate got eligible for IFS. IFS is quite challenging as IAS. It depends on candidate’s interest and career perspective to choose from.

Basic points to consider for IAS and IFS

  1. IAS is All India Service while IFS is central service.
  2. IAS is more preferred than IFS because of less exposure to the Indian about IFS.IAS is most preferred cadre.
  3. IAS gives the opportunity to have impact on lives of citizens of the country and provides you more power whereas IFA gives the opportunity to impact the lives of citizens by working globally
  4. IAS gives the chance to travel within state and country while IFS gives chance to the aspirants to travel across countries to attend diplomatic functions, meeting with minister etc.
  5. IAS gets chance to be connected to the family but in IFS as the person is staying in foreign so there are fewer chances to be connected with your own country.
  6. If one loves to serves the country by residing within the country then IAS is the better option and if one can enjoy the responsibility of representing the world’s largest democracy and to work for the improvement of her bilateral relations with all its challenges then there is no better option than IFS
  7. IAS Officer only gets central deputation but If one wants a luxurious life and has an ability to represent India in international forum then IFS service is for you.
  8. An IFS officer earns plentiful money as compared to IAS. IFS offers the best working conditions and salary among all the services.
  9. In IAS there are more political interventions and one who is clear that he can’t adjust to ups and downs of district life, they opt for IFS as there is less political pressure
  10. If one wants to remain in a state to serve the nation for his entire life, IAS is for him but If one wants to play globally, then IFS is the best.

After reading the above points one can think which is better option for him. Choice of profession lies at the discretion of an individual. No profession is overrated and underrated its our interest and perspective that makes it so.

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