Civil Services Examination is not a Hard Nut to Crack

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It is true that cracking any of the civil service examination seems impossible to the candidate because the people around them make it so. Many people believe that civil service examination is the toughest exam and it is impossible to crack it. But Mind it people who are IAS, IPS or at the highest rank are people like us. But the difference is of the approach and attitude. They have the zeal to be at that position. You can take example of our PM Narendra Modi. Not much study has been associated with his name but it was his zeal and the right attitude that he is ruling the country. Many people leave their dream in between just because their parents and people around them make them feel that it is hard nut to crack.  Candidate doubt their abilities and drop the idea in between. Cracking civil service examination requires dedication, hard work and determination. But if once through, candidate will be having both the prestige and the power,.

Myths associated with cracking of Civil service examination

  • One has to struggle almost 18-20 hours every day to clear it.
  • Syllabus is vast and candidate needs to enhance administrative traits and knowledge in every stream.
  • Candidate needs to toil day and night to clear the examination.

What practice to follow to overcome these myths and clear the civil exams:

Right approach: Right approach
Students are known to study 17-18 hrs daily for these exam which is not true. Many students who study with the right approach even for 7-8 hours pass the exam


Right guidance: another myth is Candidate needs to toil day and night to clear the examination but the fact is successful candidates
Right guidancetake right guidance from the experts and those experts can be found by joining coaching institute for Civil service exam preparation or if known to somebody. Their right guidance help you with leadership quality, saving time , administrative traits and precise subject knowledge


In-depth study of NCERT Books: If candidate has the conceptual command of NCERT books then cracking civil exam is not that hard as it seems to be.


General Awareness: General Awareness-minIf candidate has good knowledge and is aware of the latest happening around. Cracking the exam is not a big deal.


Preparation strategy: To clear the exam preparation strategy plays the major role. As to Preparation strategywhich syllabus part to be focused on which to be weeded out. IT is essential for time saving also. Spend time on reasoning , Maths and GK only then you will be able to crack Prelims


Past year papers: Past year papersPrevious year papers can help you score well as by solving these papers you will be able to know the pattern and technique to solve the questions. This is perhaps the best technique to crack the examination.

To conclude, civil services examination is not a nightmare, it only requires right guidance, ability to pick up relevant study material, proper strategy, and good knowledge of syllabus and current affairs

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